Friday, 1 August 2014

A Girl's Guide to Fashion, Ancient Greece style!

Hi all!

I think we’ve already said so (and even if we haven’t, it’s easily deductable), but one of the things we enjoy most about working on this project is the insane amount of research we do; yeah, we’re nerds, and we love every minute of it! :-p

But it’s more than that; when it comes down to it, it’s all about delivering the best possible result we can, simple as that.

Sooo, a while back, when we were still trying to figure out hairstyles and clothes for Eros and Psyche, as a result of the aforementioned research, Eirini did some doodles of ancient greek hairstyles and clothes, all drawn after original drawings on ancient greek vases, and today we'll be showing you the girls' collection! :-p 

Of course you’ve might have already seen them online, since they are uploaded on her dA page here (along with loads of other awesome art - and no, I am not biased!)  for a while now, but anyway here goes: Hairstyles and Dresses, ancient Greece style!

Part one of hairstyles...

...part two...
...and of course the collection wouldn't be complete without a few dresses thrown in for good measure. 

And in case you’re wondering why we didn’t make an entry about those back in March when Eirini uploaded the dresses, we forgot…kinda? :-p

See you all next week!


  1. Hello girls!!! Amazing work as always! A million thanks to Eirini for collecting all these data in just three pictures and depicting them so remarkably! One can only imagine all the hard work behind this beautiful, extremely informative and very useful (both for old-fashioned and modern girls, besides hair and fashion-styles come and go :P) result! And once again I find myself in awe of the ancient Greek aesthetics and sense of beauty and harmony. Myrto, Eirini, keep on being nerdy like that! We really enjoy it a lot!!! Till next time!!! :)

    1. I am so very glad for your comment because now I am not the only one (openly) fangirling over Eirini's work! :-p

      Also I think it's safe to say we'll keep being nerdy just like that; we know no other way! :-)

  2. Yes!!! Tell me more, indeed!!! The fashion of the Ancient Greece (and its progress) is one of my favourites of this era and Eirini depicts it amazingly, with accuracy (I am sure!), beauty and nerdiness! ;-)
    I am looking forward to learn more details about this topic, Eirini!!!

    1. The amount of research Eirini does is insane! (in that aspect, she's waaaaay nerdier than me :p )

      So it's only natural that it all looks amazing!

      And I think a post with men's fashion will follow at some point...possibly?